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Appliances are the workhorses of the modern kitchen. Instruments of creativity or purely labour-saving and functional, they are at the heart of contemporary living. In-keeping with its kitchen design collections, Design House supplies only the very best appliances, legendary for their premium quality, performance standards and handsome appearance.

See these iconic appliances come to life at one of our regular gourmet and wine events when our showroom kitchens become theatres of drama under the direction of internationally renowned chefs and Masters of Wine.

There are kitchens and there are Design House kitchens.


Sub-Zero needs almost no introduction as the most iconic symbol of food preservation in the World. Delivering the latest technology in refrigeration and freezing, food of all kinds stays fresher in a Sub-Zero appliance due to touch-control optimum storage conditions which can be varied infinitely at will. Wine too is precision preserved in Sub-Zero’s wine storage units equipped with zoned temperature and humidity control.

Sub-Zero offers a multitude of choices when designing your kitchen and is available as stand-alone appliances in a range of finishes, built-in with customized panels to blend seamlessly with your kitchen or integrated as an under-the-counter food and beverage storage unit in any location.

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Hand-built in America, Wolf cookers have been put to the ultimate test in professional kitchens for more than 70 years and can be found in the homes of many of the most celebrated chefs. Wolf brings professional cooking capabilities into the home with remarkable temperature and airflow control to create faster and more consistent results.

Flexible design enables Wolf appliances to be incorporated seamlessly into your kitchen and multiple range-top configurations mean that you can tailor your Wolf cooker to suit your own particular style of cooking. Often called “the Ferrari of cookers” with an inspiring combination of solid steel good looks, amazing power and precision controls, Wolf delivers the confidence to tackle any dish.

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Design House includes German manufacturer Miele amongst our recommended appliance brands. Founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, it remains to this day a family owned and run company. The Miele motto “Immer Blesser” or “Forever Better” is still reflected in the renowned quality of their product ranges which deliver timeless elegant looks with optimum performance and efficiency.

Miele offers comprehensive ranges of built-in cooking, food preservation and washing systems, not forgetting their ground-breaking integrated coffee machines and pioneering steam ovens, which can be incorporated into any Design House kitchen.

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